Apple iPad 2 Vs Toshiba Thrive – Detailed Tablets Comparison

In this era of tablet computing, two latest tablets have become a subject of debate – Apple’s iPad2 and the Toshiba Thrive. Both of them are out in market now with somewhat similar price tag and hardware configurations (1GHz Dual Core Processor, etc). Read all the way, till the end and choose the best that suits your requirements. The article makes a comparison between the two, just for you.

Apple iPad 2 Vs Toshiba Thrive:


The first thing that captures our attention is iPad’s intricate razor thin profile and engineering marvel. Toshiba Thrive on the other hand, is little bit thick and heavier.

The iPad2 with its sides give a comfortable feel when held in hand. Its brushed Aluminum case is well equipped for repelling scratches, debris, and fingerprints. Thrive too has nice rubbery back which is replaceable with other colors.


Thrive sports 10.1” display with 16:10 aspect ratio and resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. iPad here, lacks a bit as supports  resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and aspect ratio of 4:3 only. However, it is interesting to notice both devices are designed  with IPS technology.


Since iPad 2 carries single speaker, it delivers good quality audio, whereas Thrive employs Premium SRS solution for its audio to prevent any noise interference.


Both devices i.e. iPad2 and Toshiba Thrive feature a front facing camera which enables easy video-chatting. With Toshiba Thrive you experience 2MP clarity against the iPad2’s VGA camera.  Also, both are equipped with rear facing camera (iPad2 – 720 p HD, Toshiba Thrive – 1080p HD).

Connectivity Ports

Here, we will prefer Toshiba Thrive as it is equipped with many ports. It has a MicroUSB port and USB2.0 ports for data connection. For power connection you get a proprietary jack and a micro HDMI port for connecting to HDTV. iPad on the other hand utilizes a single connectivity port for all your accessories.

Operating system

Toshiba Thrive runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb, responding little bit slower than iPad2’s  iOS 4.3. However, Thrive is preferred here too since it gives you plenty for personalization. Plus, Thrive comes with built in Flash which you will not witness in the iPad2.


The RAM capacity of Toshiba Thrive being 1GB gives greater space for running applications compared to the iPad2 with 512MB. Also the storage capacity in iPad2 is restricted to its internal drive whereas the Thrive gains an advantage of MicroSD slot to expand its storage capacity.


The iPad2 promises a strong battery backup with 10 hours usage compared to the Thrive giving you only 7 hours of battery backup.

The price

Toshiba costs $429.99 while iPad2 even with its least version costs $499.

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  1. Your review was goo but you might want to have someone proofread your posts prior to releasing them. There are several gramatical errors which I can only assume are a result of English not being your native language

  2. Your review was interesting but you’ve made some errors!
    The Thrive has a FULL-SIZED SD CARD SLOT (not micro-sd)!
    It is equipped with a MINI-USB SLOT (not micro-usb)!

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