Apple iPad loses 20% share to Android Media Tablets in last 12 months

The market for Android phones is rolling over with a huge number of productivity in terms of sales. The media tablets which are considered to be ultra mobile computing devices has not started to gain more awareness started off from 2010. While the main focus of Media Tablets is going to be purely on Entertainment since laptops and Mobile Phones are effectively been used in productivity and communication respectively.

Media Tablets are clearly emerging in worldwide these days with more than 120 million units of shipment have already been expected to be made by 2015. This is certainly not the same in the case of traditional PC or smartphones. While Media Tablets are consistently been covering new things on their own as Android Media Tablets have already taken over 20% market share away from Apple iPad in the last 12 months. But one thing to be noticed here is that no single vendor has still been able to get into the competition line against Apple.

The main concern and reason behind all these is a factor that almost every vendor now has introduced and launched media tablets leaving Apple behind in the race. But everyone has failed to produce the kind of features which can be condidered equivalent to Apple, which is turn would mean a less threat to Apple. Interestingly one can also see that many vendors have actually increased the price of their products which are similar in terms of configuration.

But as we say, Apple is the master of all hasn’t waited for any of the company and straight away launched its next generation iPad to again overcome the market position. While Apple hasn’t still used any of the open source developing framework for media tablets which is currently new to the industry. The advantages of open source platform development have not yet been discovered by the media tablets and this is one of the most flexible reason why Google’s Android OS has build and deployed software’s across media tablets that suits open source development.

Amazingly you will also notice that more than fifty official vendors have already launched low cost media tablets in order to give competition to Apple. This is certainly going to be huge booster in terms of growth for other vendors but will also enables a negative view point on the minds of consumer audience on the emerging growth of tablets. Whatever the case might be, its the consumer who will finally be choosing the products which suits their needs and features very close.

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