Apple iPad Mini 2 – Predictions

The next generation of iPad Mini, probably iPad Mini 2 is expected to enroll this year. iPad Mini has already been a huge hit, but still many buyers have preferred waiting for the next flagship device. It is too early to predict what new will the iPad Mini 2 will bring, but after compiling all the rumors, reports and analysis, here’s what we expect iPad Mini 2 to bring.

Apple iPad Mini 2 – Predictions


iPad Mini 2 will have the same 7.9-inch screen size like that of its predecessor. However, the display will be revamped to join the Retina Display league. iPad Mini 2 is expected to have the stock resolution of 2048 x 1536, making the display look crispier and more sharp.


Earlier in February, some images of the iPad Mini 2 were leaked online. They appeared to be prototype housing as the Apple logo, and the iPad trademark was printed in blue color instead of traditional black. The leaked housing also made us notice that it is fairly thick than its predecessor. iPad Mini 2 will be slightly thicker than iPad Mini because of introduction of the Retina Display.


Currently iPad Mini is powered by Apple A5 CPU, the one found in iPhone 4S and iPod Touch 5G. iPad Mini 2 is expected to make a bump in the processing power with Apple A5X CPU, the one which iPad 3 was powered with.

Availability & Pricing

iPad Mini 2 is likely to be introduced by this year end. Analyst predicts that Apple might come up with this next-generation iPad Mini in November 2013.

With introduction of the Retina Display, the price of next-generation iPad Mini is likely to be increased by venial bucks.

With revamped internals and improved features, we think iPad Mini 2 will be a great hit. We will keep you updated with new leaks and rumors.