Apple iPad Mini Price, Specs, Launch and Availability

It’s real! Apple has finally announced the iPad Mini at today’s Special Event. All the floating rumors until the day proved out to be true as iPad Mini debuted similar to what was rumored. Let’s see what’s there in it.

Apple iPad Mini

Dimensions and Weight

It’s Mini! The all new iPad Mini has a smaller dimension, that’s because of its small screen size. Its 7.2mm thin that is nearly 23% thinner than full-scaled iPad, it’s dubbed as being thinner than a pencil. The small screen and the reduced-size side bezels allow it to fit completely in one hand. Instead of shrinking down the full-scaled iPad, Apple gave whole new dimensions to the iPad Mini. It weights 308g (WiFi only) which feels really light in the hands.


We find the volume button on the right hand side, the full-scaled iPad still has it on the left. There is a Sleep/Wake button at the top right followed by a headset jack to the top left. This headset jack is removed from the bottom and instead there is a new Lightning Connector and Stereo Speakers at the bottom.

Screen Size

iPad Mini sports a comparatively smaller screen size that is 7.9-inch, that’s why the name Mini. It has a stock resolution of 1024 x 768 with pixel density of 163ppi and aspect ratio 4:3, that’s exactly same as iPad 2. The LED-backlit screen features vivid colors and sharp text, making reading easier.


It has two cameras, the front-facing and the rear-facing. The front-facing camera is reported to be the same that is found in iPad 4, which supports FaceTime HD. The rear camera is 5-MP iSight Camera of the full-scaled iPad which allows 1080p video recording.


Being the smaller brother of iPad 2, iPad Mini is powered by the same Apple A5 CPU that is clocked at 1GHz (Reported) and having dual-core architecture. RAM is reported to be 512MB.

Lightning Connector

The new 8-pin dock connector named ‘Lightning’ which was introduced in iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5G debuts into iPad Mini. That’s one of the reasons, its Mini!


Like the full-scaled iPad, iPad Mini also comes in two variants, WiFi only and WiFi + Cellular. The WiFi chip inside it is dual-band, which supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz band. The Cellular variant supports all the 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks. The 4G LTE is tweaked like iPhone 5 and now has global support unlike iPad 3.


Apple has made Siri as an integrated part of its new releases. After iPhone 4S, every new Apple product gets it. After iPhone 4S, iPad 3, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G now iPad Mini gets Siri.


Apple reports 10-hours of battery life; this number will surely change depending on your use and Apple’s tests.

iPad Mini Price

iPad Mini is available in three capacities, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB along with two colors (Black and White). It is priced as follows:

  • iPad Mini 16GB (WiFi Only) – $329
  • iPad Mini 32GB (WiFi Only) – $429
  • iPad Mini 64GB (WiFi Only) – $529
  • iPad Mini 16GB (WiFi + Cellular) – $459
  • iPad Mini 32GB (WiFi + Cellular) – $559
  • iPad Mini 64GB (WiFi + Cellular) – $659


Apple will start accepting pre-orders for iPad Mini from 26th October. It will be available in stores from 2nd November, in selected countries only.