Apple iPad Review, Tech Specs, Pricing and Apps

First of all, iPad is not a computer; its position is like “almost anyone can pick it up, and it’s ready to use” digital product, whether you agree or disagree with Steve Jobs and all. If you insist on comparing it with laptop computers at this price, then one must buy a laptop. This device comes with a USB port, so you can not connect portable devices. Also, the iPad is not a replacement for a computer; please remember that it is in between a laptop and a cell phone or mobile devices.

Apple iPad Review: Should you buy it?

iPad Design

We can’t doubt the capability of Apple on designing its product, appearance, and iPad is ahead of other products in its category today. Besides, photos and videos from the point of seeing look more prominent, but at first sight, the device is smaller and a little heavier than expected and more thickly than the iPhone.

A lot of peoples makes fun of iPad that it’s a “next version of iPod Touch,” but in fact, the amplification of the significance of the screen is far from being so simple, it completely subverts all software, games and web browsing experience.


  • Height: 9.56 inches (242.8 mm)
  • Width: 7.47 inches (189.7 mm)
  • Depth: 0.5 inch (13.4 mm)


  • 1.5 pounds (0.68 kg) Wi-Fi model
  • 1.6 pounds (0.73 kg) Wi-Fi + 3G model

iPad Hardware

  • Screen: iPad houses a 9.7-inch screen size, a resolution of 1024 × 768, LED backlit, touch is damn compassionate; the feeling is entirely arbitrary. It has a delicate IPS bright screen. The viewing angle is 179 degrees. Watching movies or playing games has a first-class result!
  • Battery: The battery performance is very satisfied. In general, one can continuously use it for 8 hours or more, though screen brightness has a relatively large impact on consumption.
  • USB charging: There is no USB port, so no portability. iPad can’t be charged directly via USB connection in the Windows/Mac system as other Mac system can be.
  • Headphones and speakers: iPad is not shipped with headphones, and needs its allocation. The headphone jack is a standard 3.5mm and can take any headphones. The sound is not great, but the quality can, barely, do not holds too much.
  • Compass: iPad hardware has a built-in electronic compass, but it looks like there is no in-built GPS chip.
  • WI-FI: iPad supports 802.11N mode with a speed of 300Mbps. It can play directly through the WIFI, 720P HD video on the computer, which is also very smooth.

iPad Internals

  • System: iPad uses iPhone and iTouch like operating system, rather than the Mac OS. Still, so many people criticized the performance of a single task and multiple tasks. We need to wait for the official release of iPhone OS4 upgrade. iPad also supports the installation of third party apps.
  • Speed: iPad has CPU and memory stronger than that of iPhone 3Gs, so the experience of the system is very smooth, almost without the slightest stagnation and without any irritable.
  • Screen rotation: iPad gravity sensor has four main directions. There is a button on its side through which gravity sensor can be locked; This will make sure that the iPad screen does not auto rotate when you are reading in the bed.
  • Virtual Keyboard: iPad has a large on-screen keyboard, almost approaching the size of a real keyboard. After a little touch-screen input speed of adaptation, the experience will not be much worse than using the physical keyboard.
  • Synchronization: iPad need to use iTunes to sync songs, pictures, and applications, but don’t support free MP3 copy and paste.

iPad Software

iPad has the world’s most advanced mobile operating system in it, i.e., iOS 4. The power of iOS is what makes an iPad so powerful and useful device; it brings multitasking, safety & security and many other impressive features to iPad. The current version of iOS is v4.2.

Now let’s talk about the features of the iPad:

eBook reading support

The main reason for many people who wants to buy an iPad is to read e-books on it. Apple “iBook” official application is available for free download.

Electronic albums and videos

The benefit is from an excellent screen; iPad considerable has unique effects in displaying photos. iTunes can be used to sync photos to the iPad. Pictures are very smooth; support multi-touch zooms, photo list is very creative, but also has a slide show, accompanied by background music.

IPad supports 720p high-definition video playback. But then, under normal circumstances, you need to convert the video into MP4 format to synchronize the conversion time.

Internet Browsing

Like the iPhone, iPad also uses the mobile Safari browser. In addition to Flash, the general level of browsing is very fast. The main dissatisfaction is that it does not allow you to download anything other than photos.

iPad Email support is very good, in addition to all current mainstream-mail, it also supports Exchange push mail and contacts, calendar synchronization and Web applications. Google has also produced a special version of the iPad Gmail, including Google Reader, Calendar, Picasa, etc., to ensure you have the best experience under the iPad.

At last, everyone can see, the iPad is not a necessity. Also, it has no big effect and wow factor, because it can do most of the functionality a PC and most people has no reason to buy it; but another point of view, it is a product to improve your quality of life.

iPad App Store

The App store of iOS is one of the biggest app store with more than 3,500,000 apps in it. You will find lots of useful apps for you in it and which helps in making your device more productive and useful for u. The Apps are available for free and paid, according to the publisher of the app. There are thousands of games and magazines are there in it. To visit the App store, click here.

iPad SKUs and Pricing

1. iPad with Wi-Fi

  • 16GB $499.00
  • 32GB $599.00
  • 64GB $699.00

2. iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G

  • 16GB $629.00
  • 32GB $729.00
  • 64GB $829.00

Conclusion: Apple iPad truly proved a revolutionary device but it lacks of many basic features also. It lets you do your daily digital entertainment things in a whole new way and gives you a good mobility also. The other competitors are now giving a good challenge to it, so Apple is now working on the next version of the iPad and currently, everybody is calling as iPad2. It is expected to get released in the first half of 2011.

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