iPhone 4S Features

Today, most awaited smaller version of iPhone 4 named “iPhone 4S” has been unveiled in “Let’s Talk iPhone” held in California. Though its appearance is quite similar to that of iPhone 4, the device has different anatomy inside. Apart from retina display and glass on the back, the device features A5 chip fitted inside.

iphone 4s black

A5 Chip with Dual Graphics Power in iPhone 4S

A5 chip

As unveiled by officials, A5 chips are expected to run device seven faster than previous version of iPhone, thanks to dual core graphics that are twice quicker in processing. To prove the saying, they displayed demo of Infinity Blade 2 running on iPhone 4S on screen. The graphics appear to be better than many other gaming consoles in market. The game will be available on App Store on 1st December 2011.

Battery Life of iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S will be available with tremendous offering in terms of battery life. On 3G network, 8 hours of talk time and approx 6 hours of browsing is possible if you are using iPhone 4S. It is also associated with 10 hours of video and 40 hours of music.

battery life

Wireless Network of iPhone 4S

Next notable feature of iPhone 4S is state of art wireless system. The device can switch between two antennas between transmit and receive making calls clearer than ever. Apple iPhone 4S is expected to offer 14.4 Mbps downlink of HSDPA making downloads twice faster than iPhone 4.

wireless network

Despite of being smaller lad in iPhone series, this Smartphone is comparable with devices like Atrix or Inspire 4G when it comes to wireless connectivity. The device is expected to be available on both CDMA and GSM network.

Camera of iPhone 4S

Camera of iPhone 4s features 8 megapixels sensor offering 60% more pixels than previous one and offering a resolution of 3264 x 2448. Thanks to backside illumination, the camera is able to reflect 73% more light. Apart from it, there are many technical features like IR filter for better color accuracy. The camera is capable of face detection, thanks to Image Signal processor. The camera is capable of capturing 1080p HD recording along with noise cancellation and video image stabilization. With AirPlay monitoring system, you can take images and videos on bigger screen!

iPhone 4S camera

Intelligent Agent ‘SIRI’ in iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S is also sporting an intelligent agent, named Siri, that will help you in finding answer to all queries; may be an attempt to slow down hits from iDevices to Google search page! Siri is a voice recognition system that allows one to search for updates of any kind!

intelligent agent

iPhone 4S Price

iPhone 4S is available in three different versions with 16 GB costing around $199, 32 GB costing $299 and 64 GB costing $399 with two years’ contract. Cheaper 8 GB iPhone 4S will be available at $99 with contract.

iPhone 4S Cases and Covers

New accessories for iPhone 4S is now available to order also. You can buy your favorite accessories on amazon also.

Some of our favorite accessories for iPhone 4S are:


The Geeks Club will soon make readers available with detailed review of iPhone 4S.

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  1. I don’t mind that the iPhone 4S is an incremental upgrade. It’s not for me, I’ll stick with my iPhone 4.

    But what really disappointed me was the omission of Siri on the iPhone 4. It’s pretty frustrating that such powerful software won’t be in my iOS 5 update, and I can only assume that this is Apple’s way of getting me to buy their 4S. I’m almost sorry that I trusted Apple to keep my phone up-to-date for two years.

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