Apple iPhone 5 Will be Launched On Sprint USA In Mid-October

According to the sources from the company, Sprint Carrier will be selling the Apple iPhone 5 in October 2011. They will also start to sell iPhone 4 from October onwards. So Sprint will be another sales channel for Apple’s popular Mobile. The product’s name is not officially declared as iPhone 5 yet. But in TGC we are calling it iPhone 5 and we are working hard to bring all the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 rumors, news and updates to our readers.

The October moth will be the perfect one because, Apple is closing their 4th Fiscal quarter on this September. So, the revenue hike from the iPhone 5 sale will be considered for the next quarter and the company always released the new devices after their quarter ends.

AT&T and Verizon Wireless will also start selling the iPhone 5 from mid October. Off course they should start sell because they are the 2 largest carriers in USA, measuring their subscribers. There were 52 million subscribers in Sprint at the end of the second quarter, whereas there were nearly 99 million subscribers for AT&T and 106 million for Verizon.

This landing of the iPhone 5 will be a big advantage for Sprint, whose last financial results were not good and they were back in selling the trending devices. AT&T was selling Apple devices since 2007 and Verizon Wireless began to sell iPhone 4 from February 2011. Now, from October onwards the real competiton will begin in between the 3 carriers.

The cellphone business is increasingly driven by hot smartphones, which are growing more sophisticated and expensive. Apple commanded an average of more than $650 apiece for its iPhones last quarter. Carriers subsidize the difference between that cost and the phone’s $199 or $299 retail price, hoping to make up the difference with the data plans they sell over the course of two-year contracts customers must sign to get the subsidy.

Apple created additional leverage for itself by signing exclusive deals when it first launched the iPhone in 2007. In recent years, the company has changed strategy, inking deals with multiple carriers in countries around the world.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be somewhat different from the current iPhone 4. The next iPhone will be thinner as well as lighter with much improved digital camera and new Operating System. Based on the rumors and news, we have managed to create the image of iPhone 5. Just check those images and tell use your opinions. Stay tuned on The3 Geeks Club for more iPhone and iPad’s latest information.

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