Apple iPhone 5 Model Design based on Rumors

Now you may be familiar with what specifications iPhone 5 will be getting. Hopefully I see most of my expectations to become true regarding iPhone 5. It should have been announced in June itself but never the late its going to be announced next month and Rumor report’s the availability in first week of October. According to the sources, leaks, cases, rumor’s here’s what the upcoming iPhone 5 may look like.

The Front

Do you think it looks the same? -No it’s not!

It’s can 100% true that the iPhone 5 will get a bigger screen and it must get obviously. The screen in the above model of iPhone 5 is not the old 3.5inch but it’s increased to 4.0inch or can be more into reality. The home button you see is not the same home button which all the generations of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad’s got till not but it’s slightly elongated and made more widen. One of the leaked image from display plant made me aware of that.

The Back

I’m not much concerned about the back but it is said that the back could be like iPod Touch 4 or even like the iPhone 3GS. Of course, the camera will be still better than previous.

The Side

Apple always think something different than others, you can see the picture above and that’s what I think the next iPhone will be. Every smartphone manufacturer made straight models of any phone but I think (even wish) that iPhone 5 should be curved as above.

The Bottom

There will not be any change in the bottom of iPhone 5, it will just include the 30pin dock port and speakers as usual.

and the White iPhone 5 Model

The Verdict

I think Apple won’t keep the iPhone 4 design for iPhone 5 and it will undergo severe change in its design including the reduction in depth. The above iPhone as you see has completely changed design and very similar to iPod Touch and combination of iPhone 3GS body. All this may happen this year let’s expect something much better from Apple *fingers crossed*


  1. Awesome!!!
    It looks like original dude. I thought I can directly buy this here :)

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