Apple iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Release Date, Specs, and Feature Rumors abound!

Apple is going to unveil its next Generation iPhone in the second half of this year while Samsung also prepares its phablet successor to Galaxy Note. Apple’s current generation iPhone 5 received a good start with 2013 but rounded off to a lackluster sales overall while Samsung current phablet flagship Galaxy Note 2 outsold iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. Here is a rundown on the rumor mill surrounding the next Gen flagships from both manufacturers:


There are more chances that Apple’s will be called iPhone 5S if we go by the past naming conventions followed by the Apple, although iPhone 6 is not completely ruled out either. The Samsung’s big baby will be called Galaxy Note 3 (or Galaxy Note III), no surprises expected there.

iPhone 5S/6 and Galaxy Note 3 Release Date

The speculated time frame for iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6) is June to October 2013 though with the expected dates of next Gen iPad around the same time, we will not be surprised if it comes a little too early or a little too late. It is likely to coincide with iOS 7 availability. On the other hand, Galaxy Note 3 is being scheduled to launch in the second half of 2013. It is most likely that the next Galaxy Note will be unveiled at IFA 2013 in Berlin, where Samsung may also release its Galaxy Tab 3.



A bigger screen is a no-no as per the CEO Tim Cook but Apple has done in the past what it says it wouldn’t do. Some rumors suggest that the bigger iPhone will come next year while others suggest it should come this year itself if Apple is to take up against Samsung Galaxy S4. The screen technology may be Igzo or OLED with Super HD screen display. In comparison, Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to have a 5.9-inch display. However, Samsung’s newly-announced GamePad accessory supports devices up to 6.3 inches in size, sparking suspicion that the Note 3’s screen will be that size. The 5.9 inch is easier to digest since a screen as large as 6.3 inches with an Octa core processor inside will be really heavy even with a 3300+ MaH battery. The screen resolution is expected to be at least 1080p. The best feature to expect is a flexible or an unbreakable-like display from Samsung as it already announced its progress with flexible displays. If it comes true, this could seriously heat up the competition for Apple since users are really conscious about their Smartphone screens, more than anything else.


The next iPhone is expected to come with beefier camera and a larger flash, although the MP count is expected to remain at 13 whereas Galaxy Note 3 will pack a 13MP or further better camera with all modern day features including 1080p video recording, LED flash and a lot more.


Other hardware features

The Apple iPhone 5S will have a faster processor and may be more internal storage taking hints from 128 GB iPad. Rumors also suggest that Apple filed a patent application for Wireless Power Utilization, a wireless charging system with near-field magnetic resonance (NFMR). So wireless charging is packed with the bundle. New functionality like NFC might be finally added along with a fingerprint scanner. In contrast, Galaxy Note 3 is being said to have the Eye-Tracking technology and 4G LTE capability. It is expected to ship with Exynos Octa Core SoC from Samsung, 2 GB RAM and a 3300+ mAh battery. Note 3 will also keep some dazzling smart features including an advanced S-pen, which will also allow users to interact with objects without touching the screen. Other than this, both will at least carry the best features and hardware of their previous flagship devices.


iPhone 5S is likely to come with iOS 7 with new features and improved (and maybe stable) Maps whereas the Galaxy Note 3 would most likely ship with Android 5.0, which it is expected to be unveiled at Google’s I/O event in May this year.


There might be a surprise affordable “new” budget-line iPhone. Reports started coming in that it might use Plastic body although that is highly unlikely with Apple. Some analysts even suggest iPhone Mini might be launched along with the regular iPhone starting this year onwards. Some crazy rumors even suggest that a dual-SIM iPhone 5S can be released but since it is Apple, it is better to keep mouth shut and refrain from daydreaming. Likewise with Galaxy Note 3, it is highly unlikely that Samsung will have a cheaper variant of Galaxy Note 3 although we might have two different variants each with screen size 5.9 inch (the regular one) and 6.3 inches (the Fonblet).

We long to see a major overhaul with Apple’s software and Samsung’s hardware, although only time will tell what both tech giants have in store for us. What are the features you would like to see in iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6) and Galaxy Note 3? Leave your comments to let us know.