Apple iPhone 5S Specs, Release Date – What rumors tell us?

A new year has already set in making a way to the next generation iPhone. As we’re coming close to the traditional schedule lot of rumors are floating all over the Internet about the upcoming iPhone. This is how the next-generation iPhone will be according to the rumors.


CBS’ Dan Farber says a larger-screened iPhone would make perfect sense after the iPad Mini. Changing the traditional Job’s styled product refresh, the iPhone line may split just like the iPad Mini.

A small-screened iPhone is also rumored to be unveiled, probably, iPhone Mini. This will be the low-priced version of iPhone that Apple will bring exclusively for China and emerging markets, says DigiTimes.

Followed to the DigiTimes report, The Wall Street Journal also reported that Apple is manufacturing a low-cost iPhone which will be available later this year. Shifting the gears of the rumor mill, Bloomberg reports, that the cheaper iPhone will be priced from $99 to $149.

Meanwhile, in an interview with a Chinese newspaper, Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, says there’s no truth in reports that Apple will make a cheaper iPhone.

The rumors still emerged about the cheaper iPhone, where the DigiTimes reports, the low-cost iPhone will use an all-plastic body or a combination of plastic and metal. Supporting this report, iLounge says the cheaper iPhone will borrow some elements from current iPhone 5, but will have a plastic make. The cheaper iPhone will be an intermediate between iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5G.

Along with the rumors about the cheaper iPhone, some more rumors about the iPhone 5S have floated. According to KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is likely to launch iPhone 5S and cheaper iPhone in June or July.

This year the large-screened iPhone is not much into talks, rather the cheaper iPhone is trending among the users. DigiTimes has reported that, there will be no large-screened iPhone 5S this year. The 4+ inch iPhone is likely to unveil in 2014.

Getting back to the iPhone 5S, a report from iLounge states that iPhone 5S will be introduced with a revamped camera sensor. It is expected that Apple is likely to add a 13-megapixel rear camera sensor from Sony into the iPhone 5S.

In addition to this KGI Securities have reported that iPhone 5S will be powered with Apple A7 CPU, it will feature a LED ‘smart-flash’ for the camera and will have a fingerprint reader.

Earlier last month iMore said, the next-generation iPhone will arrive by end of the summer. According to a Japanese blog Macotakara, iPhone 5S production is on the verge of beginning at Foxconn.

Adding the cheese to the most obvious specs, DigiTimes reports that the next iPhone will feature ‘wireless charging’ technology. It also says that the next iPhone won’t be a major update over iPhone 5.

The rumor mill has a word on the availability. iPhone 5S is expected to be shipped by the end of June and a low cost iPhone in September. Analyzing the exact date, MacFan a Japanese website has reported the launch date to be 20th June.

The rumor has it all. Still there’s lot of time for next-generation to debut. Meanwhile there will be lot of more rumors. We will keep you updated.