Apple’s Mountain Lion to check daily for Security Updates now

All the recent outage on the Flashback botnet and lack of an effective security system in Mac OS X, Apple’s operating system from Apple for desktops and laptop, seems to have worked in favor of its users as Apple has issued a new update for Mountain Lion Developer Preview 4 via the Mac App Store. It introduces the Mountain Lion Security Update System which runs daily checks for security updates on the system and opens a window to update accordingly.

The new security system in Mountain Lion (including Gatekeeper) appears to be a significant expansion of the XProtect system that Apple has used in the past to try to prevent malware from invading the OS X environment. Apple’s recent actions indicate that it isn’t ignoring such malware threats anymore and that it is poised to implement an appropriate security system in place to prevent further happening of the same.

Quite recently, Apple changed its marketing message on its website from ‘It doesn’t get PC viruses’ to ‘It’s built to be safe’, not to forget the release of a new security guide for iOS users.

OS X Security Update Test sy 1.0 — Restart Required

This update tests the new Mountain Lion Security Updates system. The new system includes:

  • Daily Checks for required security updates
  • The ability to install required security updates automatically or after restarting your Mac
  • A more secure connection to Apple’s update servers.

This update (1.16GB) includes general updates and improvements to Mountain Lion Developer Preview 4 and is available to developers with Mountain Lion Developer Preview 4 installed via the Mac App Store.