Apple can Lose the right of Selling iPhone5 in Mexico

US Technology giant, Apple’s hopes of selling iPhones in Mexico in a trouble-free environment has been dashed. A Mexican court on Friday denied Apple’s appeal of stopping iFone using its brand name, citing reasons that its phone brand name (iPhone) is too phonetically similar to iFone.

iFone is a Mexican communications company and the provider of software for call centers. The company had registered its trade name in Mexico in 2003. Despite being aware of the fact that the Mexican company had registered its name four years prior to Apple’s filing for the iPhone brand mark, Apple Inc filed a complaint in 2009 requesting the Mexican company to stop using iPhone brand name in order to avoid any sort of consumer confusion.

Result, Apple Inc lost an injunction bid. In return, iFone filed a counter suit for damages and requested the court to block Apple from selling its flagship smartphone product in Mexico. The second request has still not been enforced and the counter-suit is still pending. Eduardo Gallastegui, iFone attorney said, “iFone is fully entitled to the use of its brand name.”

Meanwhile , sharp minds believe Apple may certainly attempt to reach a settlement with iFone that would enable the petitioner to continue using the iPhone name in Mexico.

Source – Mashable