Is Apple losing its Balance and Benefiting Its Competitors

Recently, the New iPad was launched by Apple. And everyone including me was eagerly waiting for it to launch. But, all that waiting was of no use as The New iPad had no SIRI feature (voice recognizer), faulty Wi-Fi, heating problem, etc.  It was the first time when Apple registered so many complaints regarding its product.

Apple’s History in Brief:

Apple success can be traced back to the early days when Steve Job and Steve Wozniak working back in the garage was busy making a masterpiece which changed the face of I.T industry, completely. But then there was a turn around, the Apple CEO Steve Jobs was fired from his very own invention and that was a biggest setback in the history of Apple .

Their sales dropped down and all the advertising campaign failed to attract consumer. The popular Macworld seminar had a low turnout as the celeb who shaped the Apple was not around them to showcase the latest launch.

And this reasons was enough for the competitor like Microsoft to take a leap and show out their existence to the world. Bill Gates during that phase turned out to be the richest person in the world. And Jobs had lost half of  his earned fortune in NeXT and Pixar‘s setup.

During its crisis time Apple thought bringing back Steve Jobs and give the company a fresh start. Apple employees were overwhelmed as their long lost leader was back and this time with some hard decisions.

On Aug. 6, 1997, Jobs appeared at the Macworld conference in Boston and revealed that the company was entering into a strategic partnership with Microsoft Corp. Apple certainly needed a lifeline at the time to save it from bankruptcy which worked in the favor of Apple Inc later.

But, now Apple has lost their guiding star forever so will it be repeating the act of fall once again. Also, Microsoft with recent launch of Window 7.5 mobile operating system is all set to take over mobile industry. It provides some really good features such as Xbox integration, Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft Office, etc. With many offerings, Microsoft is surely here to stay.

So, will the ugly old chapter in the making of Apple history repeat itself once again. What do you to think? Do let us know in the comment section below.