Apple Names Latest Mac OS X as Mountain Lion, Releases Developer Preview !

Mountain Lion! Yes, you have heard me right! Mountain Lion or OS 10.8 will be Apple’s newest and latest Mac OS X. The developer preview of it was released at CUPERTINO, California—Thursday. The developer preview of new Mac operating system comes just seven months after the hugely successful release of popular OS X Lion.  This, therefore sets a quick pace of development for the world’s most advanced personal computer operating system.

Mountain Lion introduces many features and some of the applications found in the mobile iOS 5. These include,

Notification Center

The center will provide easy access to mail alerts, reminders, messages and many others. It will display notifications in an elegant way. All notifications will appear as a banner in the upper-right corner of your Mac screen and remain there until you access them.

Messages app

Mountain Lion replaces iChat as iMessage, allowing you to send unlimited messages, high-quality photos and videos directly from your Mac to another Mac or iOS device.

It is viewed as an Apple’s version of Blackberry Messenger since; users will be able to send an iMessage to any Apple device running iOS 5 or Mac running Mountain Lion.

Also, Messages will be sent using an email address or phone number – pulled from contact list.

Game Center

This new feature will let you personalize your Mac gaming experience totally. It will give access to more than 20,000 games, allowing you to find new games and challenge friends to play live multiplayer games, whether they’re on a Mac, iPhone®, iPad or iPod touch®.

iCloud Log-in

Mountain Lion is built with icloud to facilitate easy setup and integration with apps and other iDevices. It will use your Apple ID to automatically set up Contacts, Mail, Calendar, Messages, FaceTime® and Find My Mac. Any changes made on a particular Apple device will be reflected across all other Apple devices to ensure that documents always remain up to date.


With AirPlay Mirroring feature a user will get option to wirelessly send a secure 720p video stream of what’s on his Mac to an HDTV using Apple TV®. He will just be required to connect Mac and Apple TV to the same wireless network and enable AirPlay Mirroring in Displays preferences.


Gatekeeper is a revolutionary new security feature that will give user control over which apps should be downloaded and installed on his Mac thereby, saving from malicious software. A user can either choose to install apps from any source or use the safer default setting to install apps from the Mac App Store, along with apps from developers that have a unique Developer ID from Apple.

Apart from all this, Mountain Lion features ‘Share Sheets’ (a handy way of emailing links or posting videos to YouTube), Reminders app and Twitter integration.

Thus, the new Mac OS X integrates many new features. All Mac users will be able to upgrade to Mountain Lion from the Mac App Store™ in late summer 2012