Apple Patents Design of the MacBook Air

Everyone knows that the Ultrabook has not been invented by Intel, Perhaps its just the name they had given to it. Ultrabook not only represents about the size but also has focused on user experience these days. Recently, Apple Inc. has now been granted, a collection of 14 new patents for the design of MacBook Air which is really we were expecting a look before.

Patent infringements is the most unlike part of Apple where it would have to go behind Intel as the Chipmaker is delivering the Hardware for their PC’s. But this patent is surely going to enlighten Intel’s $300 million fund to support the launch of Ultrabook early.

This is what Patently Apple says,

The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 14 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today and it’s Apple’s design related patents which won the day. While we cover Apple’s four design wins this morning, we also list a number of other delectable delights for the techies amongst us who might be interested in the details behind Apple’s H.264/AVC coder or Apple’s Motion program or perhaps Apple’s acceleration-based theft detection system for portables.

Similarly, credits for the patents have also been given for the design of cover including for iPhone 3G and Apple’s second-generation Smartphone. These designs basically consist of shell for the devices along with holes for buttons, speakers and ports, also leaving room for the touchscreen and Hardware Internal structure.

Apple has also granted two new designs including Apple TV Remote along with their fruit Company’s Battery charger for AA cells. The available credits for all the four patent designs including above mentioned two will go to VP Industrial Design at Apple Jonathan.

However, history has always witnessed that the normal PC’s doesn’t look like Apple Computers and they may even not be really look like Ultrabooks as Ultrabooks are proposed to resemble the visual appearance of the Macbook Air.