Is Apple planning for an iPad Mini by the end of the year?

After the success of the iPad 2, Apple recently launched ‘The New iPad’ in the market. Many people found it strange that Apple skipped naming as ‘iPad 3’.

This might be the indication that Apple has something extra in their minds. There seems to be something new and interesting being done in the Apple Labs. What I am talking about is the possible design and development of ‘The iPad Mini’, a smaller 7 inch version of the iPad which would be much cheaper than the actual iPad.

The iPad Mini

As I mentioned earlier, there is a very high probability that Apple might be planning to announce the ‘iPad Mini’ by the year-end. Definitely the iPad Mini will be small only in size whereas almost all the other features will resemble either the iPhone 4S or the New iPad itself. Even though Apple might have already finished working on the iPad Mini since it was being rumored to be launched along with the New iPad, they might still be waiting for the Right Time and Market. Is the perfect time and market for the iPad Mini not ready yet?

The biggest advantage about the iPad Mini will be that people hesitating to buy the iPad 2 or the New iPad because of issues like Size, Weight or Price will have something to look out for. And more over, because of the brand power and performance the iPad Mini would hardly take any time to dominate the 7-inch tablet category.

The iPad Mini could easily be priced around $300 and would be a very tough competitor for all the 7-inch tablets running on Windows 8 and Android. With an A5 processor, 512 MB to 1GB RAM, Retina Display and the high capacity hard drives and the huge number of Games and Applications, the iPad Mini might just be the answer to many questions out there!

But the most important point to be considered is whether the iPad Mini will actually solve all problems and open up new possibilities or will eventually end up becoming a barrier between the iPhone and the standard iPad series hence confusing buyers instead of helping them. Would you as a user prefer to have the iPad Mini in the Apple Line or are you happy enough with the iPhone and iPad?

Who wants to buy an iPad Mini?

In a recent survey conducted by PriceGrabber between April 23 and April 30, more than 2000 online shoppers were asked if they would be ready to buy a mini version of the iPad if it was to be launched anytime soon.

Surprisingly almost 52 percent of them said YES. But considering the people who were actually surveyed, only 22 percent of them already owned a tablet. And even amongst them, a majority of them either owned an iPad or iPad 2. Which already states the fact that Apple is in command.

Why would you buy an iPad Mini?

When all the potential buyers were asked as to ‘Why would they buy an iPad Mini’ the answers varied from person to person. The answers were quiet interesting and so for your convenience I will list them here starting with the most popular answer and then move towards the less popular ones.

I would buy an iPad Mini because:

  • It has a lower price as compared to the iPad or iPad 2
  • The smaller size makes it more portable
  • It would be a perfect gift for someone special
  • I want to use it for work
  • I love buying all the newly launched Apple products

Now to be specific, 64 percent of the people said that they would buy an iPad Mini because of the ‘Lower Price’. From the remaining people, 54 percent would buy it because of the ‘Smaller Size’ and a quarter of the potential buyers said that they would ‘Buy it as a Gift’.

What is the most important feature you are looking for?

When asked about the features that they expect in the iPad Mini, the most important and useful ones were mentioned straightforward as expected.

  • Lower Price
  • 3G Connectivity
  • Smaller Size
  • Ultra Thin Body
  • Retina Display
  • Siri Support
  • iOS 6

The above list must be very similar to the one that you must have made yourself. From the people who were surveyed, 84 percent said that ‘Lower Price’ is what they are looking for whereas 65 percent chose ‘3G Connectivity’. Around 60 percent of them also voted for ‘Smaller Size’ and ‘Ultra Thin Body’ to go hand in hand. And it was interesting to know that people are not only interested in having Siri on their iPad Mini but they are even expecting the iPad Mini to be launched with iOS 6!