Apple releases GarageBand for iPhone – Exclusive Preview

As you know, we at The Geeks Club always provide the latest information on various happenings in the tech world. Being no exception to this, we are here yet again to provide another latest as well as important news which is sure to make all iPhone and iPod users happy.

Apple announced on November 1, that GarageBand, the famous application which lets a user create its own music, is now available for all iPod touch and iPhone users. Previously, the said application was only available for Mac and iPad users but now with Apple’s latest announcement, all iPod and iPhone users will be able to get the musical action too! Apple made it clear that this is a Universal application, which means same application works on iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. So if you have already purchased it for your iPad, then you don’t have any need to reach for your wallet again; you can directly use it on iPhone.


The application uses multiple sensors to provide highly responsive musical experience to users. For example, it uses accelerometer to measure pressure intensity for instruments like Pianos, Organs, Drums, Guitars, Synths and Key Boards. But what if you don’t know how to play guitar, piano or any other instrument? No problem, says Apple, even being a beginner you can do all these things with ease and it also offers lessons to teach you playing guitar or piano. It allows users to record and mix 8 tracks together and then directly share it with others or send it to your Mac. Users can even choose various from an extensive library of custom chords which makes playing and streaming songs easier.


The current version (1.1) of GarageBand costs $4.99 which can be purchased from AppStore. Although it costs around $5, existing users of the application will get it as free update for their iPhone or iPod touch.

“GarageBand on iPad has been a big hit and we think customers will love using it on their iPhone or iPod touch,” Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide product marketing Philip Schiller, said in a press release statement. “The innovative Multi-Touch interface combined with Smart Instruments makes it easy to create great sounding music, even if you’ve never studied music or played an instrument before,” He further explained.