Is Apple over-pricing its products and stealing from its customers?

Apple Inc. is a consumer electronics company that has the most fans in the world and there’s no doubt about it. You might be using Android and having a Windows 7 based PC, but you still admire the lovely iPhones and iMacs of your friends. Yes, Apple is more than a company. I feel that its a luxury brand! Its reflected in the quality of its products and all their ventures.

But there is just one more feature that makes it feel just like that. Its the hefty bucks you have to shell out to get its products!

An iPad 2 compensates for its weight by making your wallet lighter!

Getting an Apple is a set of mixed emotions for the average buyer. There is a comic making waves round the world, which depicts just the thing! Its sure to amuse you!

The fact is that Apple products really are overpriced! And Apple copy-cats get their products in the same range, just to compete! So once Apple prices its products high, every similar product out there gets a hike! Well you can’t even blame a bit on Apple, but it is true… Apple products are innovative, no denying that, and it is this along with the brand image that Apple encashes!

I won’t call it stealing or robbery exactly – I am out of words to describe it! Legal robbery, I suppose!

An Apple iPhone 4 generates $625 worth of revenue to Apple, according to Mr. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. Thats approx. 90% of what it costs. Taking no profits into consideration, an iPhone should cost less than a Vodafone Blue at $75, or Rs. 3674!

Actually, this is not just the case with Apple, many companies are doing it. But don’t forget that an iPhone has more utility than a Louis Vuitton purse priced at the same price, and also that Apple ain’t Louis Vuitton or Prada. Yeah, an Apple is classy and trendy, but it ain’t a luxury brand. Apple’s products are nice, many-a-time they’re the best in the market, but pricing them at exorbitant prices!

If you start using iPad as photo frames, you’re damn rich!

For the price one pays for an iPhone 4, one should get this:-

The price of Apple products should be brought down. For phones, people are rushing towards near $400 segment. If an iPhone is priced there, its sales will atleast treble! Same is the case with all other products: iMacs, Macbooks, iPads, Time Capsules and so on. But this shouldn’t be at the cost of quality. Although I don’t exactly know the market tactics, but a price lowdown will definitely help! This graphic explains how!

Please comment if you strongly agree/disagree with the points. I am not an Apple hater. In fact I am a well wisher for the company. A price drop in my opinion would prove to be beneficial to the public and the company alike.


  1. The only thing Apple has been innovative with is design, and the dumbing down of the average computer user.

    1. I love the design sense of Apple and its products truly are innovative and your point of dumbing down was awesome Dave! Apple needs to take a lesson!

  2. There needs to be a brand value maintained between Apple and other brands. Apple deserves some credit for its innovative products and features.

  3. which is why i have a droid 4g, and build my own high end pc’s that run faster and cheaper than any mac pro…. but no one has beat the ipad for coolness yet, the apps on that thing are very nice…. but a nice ipad setup with apps is a thousand buckolas….

    1. You seem to be a Apple hater, Lurch! But I do agree with your points. A PC costs half a Mac with same config!

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