Apple seeks to get Samsung Galaxy S III banned from going on sale in US

Apple has cleared all its intentions of getting Samsung Galaxy S III banned in US even before it hits the market.

Josh Krevitt, Lawyer (Attorney) of Apple said at a hearing that Apple is planning to file a temporary restraining order as soon as possible to delay the launch of Samsung Galaxy S III in US. Samsung Galaxy S III will going to hit the US markets on 21st of June.

Apple Filed case against Samsung Galaxy S III

Apple has filed the case by observing some patent infringements. Apple says that Samsung Galaxy S III and few more Android Devices has violated the patents of iOS devices. Not too long ago, Apple sued Samsung for copying some of the elements of iPhone and iPad in their Galaxy Tablets and Smartphones.

Apple alleged that the Samsung Galaxy S III specifically violates two of its software related patents. The two patents are U.S. Patent No. 8,086,604 and No. 5,946,647 which covers “unified search” and “links for structures” respectively.

Apple wrote in its filing, “Because the Galaxy S III contains two of the exact infringing features already at issue with respect to the Galaxy Nexus, the S III is not more than colorably different from the Galaxy Nexus”.

In response of this filing, Samsung is saying that Apple shouldn’t be able to request such an emergency ban against Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung’s lawyer, Mr. William Price said that Apple’s patents have nothing to do with sales of Galaxy Phones. He also added that Apple is trying to “prevent a phone from getting to the public that is better than Apple’s in many, many respects”.

The decision to grant the temporary restraining order is currently in the hands of U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh. He is already set to preside over the trial between Apple and Samsung next month.

Last month Apple succeeded to convince the U.S. International Trade Commission to order a U.S. import ban on HTC’s One X and Evo 4G LTE phones. But HTC overturned the ban within a span of few moments by working on the Apple patent question.

We will keep a close look on this patent debate between “Samsung and Apple”. Let’s see how this ends up.