Apple Servers struggle as iOS 5 update downloads increased – Users receive Error 3200 message

According to reports, Apple’s servers struggled to cope with the overwhelming number of iOS users seeking the new update, even prompting some to receive an “Error 3200” message. It’s notable that Apple had launched iTunes 10.5 a day before the iOS 5’s launch, probably to ward off massive pressure on its servers.

iOS 5Back in the year 2008, the iPhone users had to face similar problem when Apple launched the iPhone 3G and on the same iOS 2.0 was exposed for the iPhone. A lot amount of people registered on the website for grabbing up the latest update of the iOS. Apple didn’t expected to get that much amount of response from the users. So that ended up as a problem for Apple as server got loaded with lots of requests.

The reason behind server going down this time might be iPhone 3GS supporting iOS 5.0. A lot amount of people are having iPhone 3GS. In India a lot of people grabbed the iPhone 3GS after its price went straight down to Rs.19,000.

Meanwhile, Apple says the issue stemmed from the overwhelming number of attempts from users trying to install the new update. Apple’s user forum, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are flooded with reports of problems faced by the users. Many users reported about the failed attempts, while others reported about deleted/lost applications. Some iPhone users also complained about bricked phones.

A few months ago, Apple launched its latest iOS 5 operating system, which comes with a number of improvements over its previous versions. The new iOS 5 device features an enhanced notification center, BlackBerry messenger-like service and integrated iCloud service. It also lets users integrate their Twitter accounts with iOS 5, allowing them to natively share pictures, tweets without requiring to log in through another app.

Another notable feature of the iOS 5 is the option to allow users to activate their iOS devices without plugging into a computer.