Apple Testing Large screen bigger iPhone, 13 inch iPad: WSJ Report

Even though Apple iPhone 5 has the largest screen among all the iPhones till date, it has the smallest screen size between all OEMs and competitors’ flagship devices. It might change soon as the new report from the Wall Street Journal reveals that Apple is testing larger screen sizes for its iPhones and iPads. If the above report is true, Apple might be looking forward to revealing a new product and it will be the first new product since iPad launch in 2010.

According to reports which cites officials at Apple suppliers as the source, Apple has asked for prototypes of iPhones measuring over 4 inch screen size. The iPad display prototype size measures just less than 13 inches. The current generation iPhone 5 has a 4 inch screen; the full sized iPad has a 9.7 inch display while the iPad Mini has a 7.9 inch display.

The report from WSJ added:

The tests with suppliers seem to suggest that Apple is exploring ways to capture diversifying customer needs at a time when many mobile device makers offer Smartphones and tablets in various sizes.

It is not clear whether Apple will bring these large screen devices in the market, or it will be dead before anyone knows. Apple is known to test a lot of products and designs, but stick with a few. Even if the report bears any weight, it will be some time before we actually see any new product debut. Apple is known to react slowly to bigger screen devices, which was apparent from iPhone 5 getting a 4 inch screen after a long cry from consumers.

Apple family

Apple suppliers reportedly started manufacturing the next generation iPhone last month. We also reported that Apple is working on a budget iPhone which will come in various colors and will start selling at $349. IPad 5 will start manufacturing by the end of this month and iPad Mini 2 display is not yet finalized between the Retina and non-Retina offering. All the new products will come with new iOS 7. We expect that the 13 inch tablet, if ever materialized, could run on either iOS or Mac, given the proximity of its screen size to Apple Mac devices.

Apple has reported less than expected profits for the last quarter for the first time in a decade. Samsung with the multitude of screen sized devices has appeared as Apple’s biggest competitor. It was also the leading Smartphone OEM with 33% of the market share while Apple lagged behind with 18% share only. It was also reported some time back that Samsung is working on a 12.2 inch Galaxy Note tablet and expects to release it before the Apple’s big screen offering. If this happens, it could be a big blow to Apple. We will keep an eye out and will keep you posted.

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