Apple users get ready for Gatekeeper!

The launch of the new Operating System, Mac OS X Lion was a huge success. This new operating system introduced features and facilities that made it the best operating system ever.

But Apple did not stop there. They wanted this system to be as good as it can be. Hence they soon announced an improvement to this operating system, Mac OS X Mountain Lion. They recently announced a new developer preview version of the same. This new operating system is said to enhance the security and stability even further hence protecting users to greater extent. And one such element is Gatekeeper.

What is Gatekeeper?

Gatekeeper is the new security mechanism for Mac. It protects you from downloading and running malicious software on your Mac. It brings to you new levels of security. And it puts you in control.

And now that Apple is on it’s way getting ready for the big release of Mac OS X Mountain Lion, they have started taking measures to inform and update developers about the use of Gatekeeper. Apple recently released the development resources and help for Gatekeeper and even sent an e-mail to all the developers asking them to ensure that their work is protected by it.

So with Gatekeeper in the picture, your Mac is going to be safer than ever. This will help keep away all malicious software and programs from being installed on your system. Gatekeeper will only allow software that has been authenticated and signed by developers.

But even after promising such high level of security, Apple has still made it a point to put ‘Users First’. This is because even with Gatekeeper on your system, ‘You control what you Install’.

Gatekeeper will protect you from malware no matter from where and how you download apps. Gatekeeper brings you even more security options and even more control. For maximum security, you can install and run apps only from the Mac App Store. You can choose to install and run apps from the Mac App Store and apps that have a Developer ID or you can install all apps from anywhere, just as you can today. You can even temporarily override your setting by Control-clicking, and install any app at any time. Gatekeeper leaves it all up to you.