Apple is now The Most Valuable Global Brand, says Report

If you are an Apple Fan, then this news is surely going to make you feel better. Because once again Apple has managed to top the chart of ‘World’s Most Valuable Brands’ and has been ranked as #1.

In the recently published ‘Annual BrandZ Study’ for the year 2012, Apple once again was ranked as #1 hence making it the ‘Most Valuable Brand in the Entire World’. Following Apple were technology giants IBM and Google at #2 and #3 respectively. Here is a chart of the Top 10 Brands:

This means that Apple has topped the charts for 2 years in a row! This year Apple has a brand value of around $183 Billion. When compared to it’s brand value of $153 Billion last year, we see that there has been around 19% growth in the company over the period of one year. Interestingly, this also makes Apple as the #1 brand when it comes to ‘Growth Rate’ among the Top 10 Brands.

On the other hand, IBM was able to pass Google and claim the 2nd position with their brand value of around $116 Billion that also had a healthy growth rate of 15%. Google was pushed down to the 3rd place and surprisingly showed a ‘-3%’ growth rate, which means that the company actually underperformed as compared to the last year.

It is quiet clear from the statistics of the chart that Apple is way ahead of all the others. At the same time, there is a huge difference between the ‘Growth Rate’ and ‘Brand Value in Billions’ which makes the ‘Apple Brand’ almost impossible to catch. And with all the new things that Apple has planned for this year, it is very much possible that Apple might make it as the best brand once again in 2013, hence achieving a ‘3 years in a row’ record as well!

Now after having said all that, there is still a lot I can go on about. But I want to keep it short and simple. So here are some of the most interesting facts and points that came up in this year’s ‘Most Valuable Brands Chart’.

Interesting Facts about the Most Valuable Brand Chart:

  • Apple maintained its #1 position with a brand value of $183 Billion and a 19% growth rate.
  • Google and Microsoft both showed negative growth rates of -3% and -1% respectively.
  • Facebook showed the highest growth rate of 74% and at the same time proved to be one of the most promising and growing brands as they jumped up by 16 places and claimed the 19th position.
  • The Top 10 List was totally dominated by Technology and Telecom industries, as 7 out of the top 10 most valuable brands were either Technology or Telecom.

(Credit: BrandZ)