Apple’s Black Day Deals Revealed [Report]

With the much awaited Black Friday is just few hours away, its banner has been posted on which reads “Every gift list has its day,” and requests shoppers to return to Apple’s online store on 25th November as the company seems to have lined up great discounts on several of its products. This banner comes with the reference of an announcement made by Apple prior to Black Friday stating that it will be providing huge discounts on the Mac products, iPad and iPods. Today, we got the leaked details of the event and the entire discount strategy Apple will be offering! Want to know more? Check it out.


The details of the events first appeared at, a blog solely created for covering everything about Apple in the form of posts and articles. In a similar post they discussed that discount details were sourced from a “trusted tipster” who also managed to send two pictures of the leaflets showing discount details. said:

A trusted tipster has provided us with the details on Apple’s Black Friday (November 25th) 2011 sale. The sale is very similar to Apple’s offerings in past years, but does give better discounts to higher capacities of the iPads and iPods. The deals on the Mac end cover the iMac, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro, while the iPod Nano and iPod touch are the discounted iPod offerings.


Apple is also supposed to be providing accessories on sale this year. Accessories like Wireless Keyboards, popular iPad 2 Smart Covers and Wireless Magic Trackpad will witness $11 discount on their regular prices while other not-so-popular accessories like Time Capsule, AirPort Express and AirPort Extreme will get some discount on their prices as well.

If you are lucky, you might find some third party products like JawBone Jambox, Griffin Universal Remote Control and JawBone Up at discounted rates. If we see properly, these discounts are not what Black Friday deals generally promises to be! But once again it’s Apple we are dealing with; the company which charges heavily for its line of products.


Anyone wishing to avail these discounts can do so by visiting nearest Apple store.

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