Apple’s iTV Could Possibly be the Next Generation of Televisions

For a long time, Apple has remained as one of the most innovative companies in the field of technology. The success of their products like the iPhone, iPod and iPad says it all.

And now, it seems that Apple has finally decided to revolutionize yet another segment – Televisions! The Apple TV which looks a lot like the Mac Mini is a very famous and widely used product. But now Apple has decided to make some changes and follow the path that Steve Jobs had shown. ‘For the Software to work at its best, it should have an equally good hardware’ this has remained the main principle of the company for long.

(CREDITS: Guilherme Martins Schasiepen)

So, it seems that Apple has decided to enter the Television market with their ‘very own television’. Which means that you no longer will have to buy a third party television set for your Apple TV device. In fact it seems that there will be NO MORE Apple TV Device. Because, just like the iPhone and the iPad, the so-called ‘Apple iTV’ will have everything packed inside it.

The sources from ‘Cult of Mac’ reveal they have seen a prototype of the so-called ‘Apple iTV’. Further, they added that this Television looks very much like the Smart and Slim LCD/LED Televisions but is more thin and compact. There is word on the street that Apple would be planning to launch these TVs somewhere in the 40-60 inches range, priced around $1000 to $200.

The best feature that the TV is expected to have is a built-in iSight Camera, which will allow users to make direct video calls. And another possibility is the inclusion/addition of ‘Siri’ to these televisions. All in all this could end up being a part of the iOS family group, adapting features and interfaces from the iOS and making the entire system much more easy and convenient (Just like the way in which Mac OS X Lion started adapting features from the iOS mobile platform).

(CREDITS: Guilherme Martins Schasiepen)

Siri, FaceTime, AirPlay…you name it and it is expected to have it. This is Apple we are talking about. The only target they ever want to achieve is to ‘Create a Dent in the Universe’.


  • Innovative Design and Approach
  • Out of the world but simple User Interface
  • Awesome Picture Quality and Sound
  • Compatibility and Connectivity with other Apple Devices


  • ‘I can’t really think of any!’

Credits: Cult of Mac (Thanks to the sources from ‘Cult of Mac’)