Apple’s New Spaceship Headquarters – Apple Campus – Images and Maps

Apple is the biggest brand in the mobile and electronics market and every news that comes from their desk creates a stir. Now, Apple is making news with its UFO look-alike, new campus in Cuptertino, CA. The company considers the building so important that Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple himself went to Cuptertino City Council for sealing the deal.

Apple's new office

Cuptertino Mayor, Mr. Gilbert Wong said:

“There is no chance that we’re saying no to Apple’s New Spaceship Headquarters.”

The proposed images truly give an illusion of a UFO that has landed amidst forest.

Apple's new office

Cuptertino’s website displays more details about the projects’ comprehensive plans.  This will be known as “Apple Campus 2” in the city. The building will occupy an area of 175 acres, and will be around 2.8 million square feet. This campus, which is near the 280 highway, will comprise an auditorium of 1000 seats, which can used to organize the biggest of the events.  This building will also include a 3, 00, 000 square feet of auditorium, underground parking system, a fitness center and a power plant.

The colossal campus, which resembles a spaceship in its looks, can be seen in the pictures and this has impressed one and all. As per estimations, this campus will accommodate approximately 12,000 employees in one building.

Apple's new office

According to Cuptertino, the campus is yet to receive its approval on environmental impact. Moreover, it also has some pending public approvals. But, Cuptertino strongly believes that it is just a matter of time, and this job is certainly going to be done. Once the campus receives all the clearances, the project will hit the floor next year and most likely the headquarters should see the light by 2015. Cuptertino is waiting to watch the opening of this phenomenal building.

Here are some of the snapshots of the proposed gigantic building that are embedded in the proposal.

Apple's new office

Apple's new office

Listen what Mr. Gilbert Wong, Mayor of Cuptertino has to say about this:

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