Apple’s next target Samsung Galaxy S III

Apple seems to be hell bent on ensuring Samsung is out of its smart phone competitors list. In its latest move Apple on Friday added Samsung’s new line of smart phone devices to its complaint against Samsung filed at a federal court in California, USA. Amongst the devices listed is Samsung’s latest flagship smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Other devices include the Galaxy Note Tablet 10.1, Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II.

Earlier this year, Apple had filed a US patent lawsuit against smart phone manufacturer Samsung Electronics in addition to the earlier case filed in April 2011. Apple in its February case accused Samsung of having infringed a new set of patents which were different from its April 2011 case. Apple was seeking a preliminary injunction and had asked the federal judge to stop the sales of the Galaxy Nexus until the case was resolved. Though the injunction is pending appeal it resulted in a halt of Galaxy Nexus sales.

Apple now seems to be seeking a similar ban on Samsung’s flagship devices like the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note. Apple’s new list of devices not only includes devices in their basic form but also in their carrier independent forms. This overall ensures that the device sales are halted entirely.

Apple in its stand said that Samsung had not only blatantly copied Apple’s innovative technology but also its distinctive and elegant user interface in its products. Samsung had flooded the markets with such infringing devices to capture a significant market share which was in direct violation of Apple’s intellectual property rights.

Samsung Galaxy S III has been Samsung’s latest flagship smart phone. It has Samsung’s bestseller smart phone right since its launch, clocking more than ten million devices sold within just two months of its launch.  Samsung’s latest defeat in its legal battle against Apple wherein it was ordered to pay Apple US$ 1.05 billion in damages has only ended up making Samsung smart phones more popular in the market. According to the latest surveys Samsung smart phones especially the Galaxy S III are selling like hot cakes.

Apple certainly seems to leave no stone unturned in its legal battle against Samsung. Its latest move of targeting Samsung’s flagship smart phones has certainly taken the legal battle to new heights.