Apply with LinkedIn – Plug-in by LinkedIn to make job search easier

LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking website with over 100 million members. It is designed to manage your professional identity and at the same time strengthen and extend the network of your trusted contacts.

The trustworthy job portal site has now come up with Apply with LinkedIn – a new tab to make the job application process as simple as a click.


Companies can embed this tab on their website which will allow the applicant to submit his profile as a resume eliminating the usage of cover letter of any sort.

Some online job-application providers like Kenexa and Taleo have already declared to implement this tab by this year end.

The tab will ease the task of any company to accept your job application and will streamline its application process.

The only prerequisites are,

  • Applicant should have a LinkedIn profile
  • Hiring company should embed the ‘Apply with linkedin’ tab on their website

Step1- If you unexpectedly come across a job posting on the website of a company that suits your requirement and embeds the ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ tab then click on it.


Step2- Edit your LinkedIn profile. For instance, you can choose or change the current telephone number and include it in your application. If you are satisfied with your profile information that will be exposed to company for affirming the applicant’s identity, click on the blue button (Submit Application) at the bottom of the form.


Step3- A confirmation screen will now be displayed where you can view people in your network who work at the company and send a note to them to get connected or request for their referral.


Step4- The former step will quantify your chances of landing in an interview and in turn, lend the company with great first hand information about you.

Prior to this, a company can choose to receive an e-mail, enclosing a brief summary about you and save the information automatically into its tracking system.

Step5- You can manage your job application with ‘Send jobs’ tab too. This tab will help you to cross-check if a given company has already received your job application or not thereby averting any sort of confusion.

You can join TheGeeksClub on LinkedIn also.