Record All Status Updates from Social/Professional Networking Sites with Archify!

Do you have a memory strong enough that remembers all the status updates (read in a day) or videos? No! Ok, at least Archify claims to have it. The application helps you keep record of all the status updates from social/professional networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and videos you have watched from popular video streaming services in the form of archive.

Archify provides full-text search function for searching the above mentioned information (status updates and videos) from a central point. The application comes in the form of a browser plug-in which when installed has the ability to save everything you browse online.

In addition to indexing all the content you view, the plug-in captures a screen-shot of each page you visit in a day and store it for later access. An important highlight of the application, it lets you filter search results and specify time frames (day, week or month) and being a plug-in it works in the background.

How to install Archify?

  • Click on the download link
  • Confirm the installation of plug-in by clicking on ‘Allow’ (check out the screen shot below)

  • Approve the installation by clicking on ‘Install now’

  • Restart Firefox to finish the installation
  • The plug-in should get installed shortly thereafter and you will be forwarded to the login page.

(Note: Archify does not archive any pages over https and during incognito mode)

Archify Features:

  • Instant search: As you type the search results will be updated instantly – you no longer have to wait.
  • Content filter: Allows you to search for a certain media type across all your sources.
  • Location-based search: You can search WHERE you have seen the content.
  • New search algorithms: Those take into account how much time you spent and interaction you had. (Archify calls it Dwell Rank – the more activity, the higher the ranking)
  • Integration of Google+ and LinkedIn is on the way (some users are already connected).

Currently, Archify is in beta version but is expected to launch publicly by the end of Q1 2012. For now, you are required to submit your email address and wait for an invite.