Are we game for a Nokia-Microsoft tablet ?

Apple is the leader. Samsung has done well. Motorola too proved that its very much a strong competitor. Can Nokia-Microsoft be far behind ? With ground-breaking inventions like the Xbox Kinect and Microsoft Surface, Microsoft proved that its surely is the leader where technology matters.

With rumors that Microsoft’s next Windows OS, Windows 8, to be released somewhere around 2012, isn’t it a winning combo to introduce – a Tablet that runs on Windows 8 Tablet Operating System?

This is the question that the softies have given a thought and early reports inform that  Nokia-Microsoft are working very hard “on something that would be differentiating” and more than the present tablets in the market. The Mobile market shifting slowly but gradually towards Windows Phone 7 underlines the efforts undertaken by Microsoft in producing distinctive products which is also echoed by Microsoft’s UK Managing Director Ashley Highfield – “won’t do anything in the tablet market unless we can be distinctive“.

Also with Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia proclaiming that they are working very hard on the tablet technology, we can surely expect fireworks and plenty of surprises when the very first Nokia-Microsoft tablet is formally launched.

2012 seems to be an interesting year for Microsoft with releases like Windows 8 OS, the first Nokia mobile device running on Windows Phone 7, Internet Explorer 10 and lots more.

‘Wait and watch’ is the word!

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