5 Popular ASP.NET Web Application Framework

Microsoft .NET is one of the most widely used application for creating utilities for system as well as for Web too. Along with utilities, most companies are working on platform like developing mobile apps and creating and building application that supports variety of Operating System as well. But most importantly for creating applications through Microsoft .NET, one needs .NET Framework too.

HereĀ is a list of 5 Best ASP.net Web Application Framework that are required for every web developer working on Windows Platform using Microsoft .NET framework


OpenRasta is an Asp.net based web application framework which has been designing particularly to build Web based customize Application along with services.

OpenRasta framework has been released under Open-Source MIT License which mainly focus on various HTTP methods as well on development of available resources. With the help of this, user can now create use friendly Web Interface by its web application framework.


MonoRail is an Asp.net MVC based web application framework which has been inspired and designed from Action Pack. This tool offers completely different approach towards development of application towards standard WebForms way of development.

5 Best ASP.net Web Application Framework

It also enforces handling application flow, separation of concerns, troubleshooting, model representation as well as viewing the application from the presentation logic point of view. This also means that your will have to write less code and result would be more maintainable application.


DotNetNuke is a free, open source and easy to use application that is particularly based on web content management system along with web application framework which comes and is working perfectly with Microsoft .NET platform.

While interestingly the framework has been already written using one of the most prestigious language called VB.NET and was released in both Licenses such as BSD-style and commercial proprietary in both Professional as well as Enterprise Editions.


CSLA.net is an Asp.net MVC based web application framework that is particularly used for development purpose. It allows you to design and develop applications for various kind of services like for Windows, Web, service-oriented and also for work-flow applications. One of the best advantage of using this tool is that it reduces the cost of developing, building as well as maintaining applications.

It performs various action of collecting data and storing them into the database application along worth creating user friendly interface. This is one of the most widely used framework which allows developers to use the power of object oriented design which will result out in developing powerful web applications.


ASP.net MVC Framework is a web application framework that enables a perfect and clean separation of bugs and concerns, resulting out in producing you the complete control over all markup agile development. It comes with a powerful and patterns are Model view controller which helps in creating and building dynamic websites and web application that are rich in user interface.

Along with providing so many services, this application also come with add-on services like fast and TDD-friendly web development interface for creating and developing and building web applications that are not only sophisticated but also uses the latest web technology.


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