ASUS announces PadFone, a Tablet-Phone device

At Computex 2011 Taipai, ASUS announced an innovative design of tablet computers and named it as PadFone. Along with that it also announced UX Series ultraportables, N Series notebooks, All-in-One PC with SonicMaster and Eee Pad MeMO 3D Tablet. Out of all these PadFone is sheer pleasure to look at and it caught every persons attention.

ASUS PadFone is a combo device of a Tablet and a Phone as the name states. It is 4.3inch phone which is docked in 10.1inch tablet shell. It behaves as a tablet but can be also used as phone when undocked from the shell. PadFone will be not running on current versions of Android instead it will be powered by upcoming new version called as “Ice Cream Sandwich”.

Benson Lin in an interview says,”We are working very closely with Google and they are excited by the PadFone.”

The reason, why Google is excited  is because they are developing an operating which will power both, tablet as well as smartphone. Today we have different operating systems to power each of them individually.

Storage chip on PadFone is based on the smartphone and it uses single SIM card in the smartphone which allows both the devices (phone and tablet) to share 3G service.  Docking the smartphone into shell also works as extended battery for the smartphone. The correct way to use the device is docking the phone into tablet shell or that won’t make any sense.

Along with this, PadFone comes with HDMI as well as microUSB port on the side which will allow data transfer and direct HDTV output from it. It allows you to switch screen sizes for running applications between tablet and phone.

ASUS PadFone is scheduled to release in December as the next version of Android is coming then!