Attention Bloggers – Its time to think beyond Google PageRank!

Most bloggers I know are still besotted with the idea of having a higher PageRank. While its great to have a high PageRank for your website, I feel its importance is still being over-rated by many in the blogosphere.

Google PageRank

A high PageRank will not increase your web traffic. What is more important in my opinion is having higher search engine ranking. For doesn’t it in the end give your more organic traffic which translates into higher blog earnings? An easy way to find your search rankings would be by using SERPs Finder.

Google too has down-valued the importance of PageRank. In 2007, it removed PageRank distribution data from Webmaster Tools. But there are many who still want tips on how to increase PageRank.

The Google Webmaster Central team has been crying itself hoarse telling webmasters for years that they shouldn’t focus so much on PageRank as a metric for representing the success of one’s website. Sure, PageRank is still in use today, but it is now a part of a much larger system, possible one in 200 odd parameters used in deciding Search Ranks.

Said Susan Moskwa of Google a few days back:

I posit that none of us truly care about PageRank as an end goal. PageRank is just a stand-in for what we really want: for our websites to make more money, attract more readers, generate more leads, more newsletter sign-ups, etc. The focus on PageRank as a success metric only works if you assume that a higher PageRank results in better ranking, then assume that that will drive more traffic to your site, then assume that that will lead to more people doing-whatever-you-want-them-to-do on your site

Google recommends that you don’t track your PageRank. So what should you be tracking instead? Start with these three to begin with:

  • Conversion rate: Your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your site who convert (perform a conversion).
  • Bounce rate: A high bounce rate may indicate that users don’t find your site compelling, because they come, take a look, and leave directly.
  • Clickthrough rate (CTR): In the context of organic search results, your clickthrough rate is how often people click on your site out of all the times your site gets shown in search results. A low CTR means that, no matter how well your site is ranking, users aren’t clicking through to it.

Some bloggers look for a high PageRank, simply because that gets them more money while selling text links. However do remember that buying or selling links for the purpose of passing PageRank violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and is very likely to have negative consequences for your website; and rest assured, Google is smart enough to recognize Paid links!

If you want a basic explanation know how PageRank works

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