Avoid 3D Games if you Love your Eyesight – Nintendo Alerts

Eyesight is the most important thing for a human. Ask a blind person how important it really is. So if you want to keep your child’s eyesight safe and healthy then please don’t let them to play 3D games on Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo has warned not to permit children below age of “Six” to play such 3D games on Nintendo 3DS. The king of Games posted about the health warning on its website.

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo said for younger children, only 2D version of games are good. 3D version can create some problems to your eyesight as it shows different images in left as well as right eye. The new handheld has two screens just like older version of the console with the top screen being able to show3D images without requiring any special glasses.

Nintendo has alerted all parents just like the Sony & Toshiba about the problems that can created by viewing 3D content. And one thing you know younger children are really curious in such things too.

Even Sony has already suggested to all parents to take medical advice before giving your child to watch any 3D content on Play Station. Toshiba has said parents should keep an eye on children watching its TVs that can display 3D images without needing glasses.

Not only for children, but also if adults watch 3D content for longer time, it may cause some discomfort, the company has warned. Parents should turn off this function if the handheld is going to be used by a child under six years of age, said Nintendo.

The simple solution is to deploy Nintendo’s warning and use the parental controls, or refuse to give children 3DS systems until they’re seven or better wait till they are of nine or ten.

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