5 awesome uses for your old 512Mb flash pen drive

Capacity is increasing in flash drives day by day. 5 years ago, 512Mb drives were considered cool, now people are buying no less than 16GB drives! And if you are a proud owner of one of those 512Mb ones (I own one from iBall), then you better check this list out before throwing them in trash.
  1. Install Puppy Linux/Damn Small Linux Both these Linux OSes are fully functional and will run on your PC smoothly even if it has just 256Mb of RAM. They are toned down to less than 200Mb and would easily fit on your drive. We don’t recommend installing them on a 256Mb drive though. You’d be able to do all your work including web browsing, document editing, light gaming, picture editing etc. and trust me, carrying your OS around with you has infinite benefits!

    Puppy Linux Desktop
  2. Get Portable Apps- If you are a on the move user, you can get many portable apps for your drive on various sites. Some of them are www.portableapps.com for Windows users and www.portablelinuxapps.org for Linux users. Both sites have an extensive database of applications for portable drives! And believe me, they’re really small enough to fit on a 512Mb drive too!
  3. Make a retro gaming console- Just install TinyCore Linux and install ZSNES, a NES emulator and enjoy retro gaming by booting into the flash drive. Installation instructions are on the main site and believe me or not, TinyCore is 10Mb! 
  4. Start Cracking Windows Passwords- Ophcrack is a program that can run off a USB drive and is able to crack Windows passwords. For more details, look up this post. Ophcrack has different versions for different versions of Windows and is a messenger from god when you go OOPS! on the Windows Log In screen!
  5. Backup your mail in Thunderbird- Yes, it is possible using a software called MozBackup in Windows. In Linux, for backing up Thunderbird, type $ cp -avr /home/you/.thunderbird/ /media/disk in the terminal replacing you with your username and /media/disk with the location where your drive is mounted!


Any more ideas? Do share! :)