Powerful Social Media Engine is a new and powerful social interaction engine. It helps you determine intelligently and effectively who you need connecting with. It also tells you through which social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. you can use. Powerful Social Media Engine is not a social networking site. It provides you with enough information about a person, company, product or service. In turn, this helps you decide who to connect with, why, and on which social media channel. Lastly, it can suggest from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. or which company to follow and ultimately which product or service to purchase/subscribe.

Once you register, you have the option of linking your Facebook account to it. It helps users to navigate their personal social media landscape and aggregate their profiles. The public can then rate the aggregated profiles. Each rating is automatically shared to Facebook and your other accounts.

It creates a profile which displays the collective feedback about people, companies, products, and services. came into existence a couple of months back, by Elias Shams, an internet entrepreneur.

Update: The site doesn’t exist anymore.