How to Backup your Apple iPhone Data On iTunes

iTunes can create backups of settings and certain other information on iPhone and iPod touch. You can use a backup to restore settings and other information to your iPhone after a software restore or update or to transfer information to a different device. It is normally used if you lose some data or information that has been saved in your last backup.

To use the backup option follow the steps given below

Backup your Apple iPhone:

  • Launch iTunes in your computer or laptop and Connect your iPhone to it, after the iPhone is connected successfully, you will be able to see your iPhone in the Devices section in the left side bar of iTunes.
  • Then use Right Click on your iPhone and you will be getting the following options:

Eject |  New Playlist | Sync | Transfer purchases | Back Up

  • Restore from backup (you will get this only if your iPhone has been Backed up earlier, this will restore the contacts, bookmarks, photos and songs from your earlier Back up)
  • After you get these Options you should then click on the Backup Option. After you select this Option your iTunes will start backing up your iPhone with all your Contacts, Bookmarks, Photos, Music, videos.
  • Once Backup is done you will be informed that your “iPhone Sync is Complete” and then press “OK to Disconnect”.

By following these simple steps you can be tension free about all your Important Contacts and your Bookmarks which will be saved into the Web Browser you use.

Do you backup your iPhone data? If not, yoou must!