How To Take Backup From Google+, Buzz, Picasa, Stream and Contacts

There are lots of features in today’s social networking site which helps to secure the users data from the unknown. Even the social networking sites allow backup of the user account and data. This is useful if the users  account accidentally gets deleted, for many reason like by hackers or if the users account is marked as spam etc. So it always nice to backup the account and data for security use and purposes.


What all the things you can take backup to your computer?

  1. You can download PicasaWeb Albums photos and save albums and photos as a .zip file to your PC.
  2. You can download your Google Plus Profile data: Save your profile data as a .json file
  3. You can download Google Plus Stream data and save your Google Plus Stream posts as a .zip file to your computer.
  4. You can download Google Buzz data and save the Google Buzz posts as a .zip file to your computer.
  5. You can download your Google Plus Circles and Contacts as a .zip file to your PC.

Now, know how to backup an account and data of the user from Google+?

  • Login to Google+
  • Click near your name at the top most right side of the page and select Account settings.
  • Then the user will get a list of settings in left side of the page and there you have to select Data Liberation.
  • When the user select Data liberation, you will get a button named Download your data, click on it.
  • When the users click on the button, then user will get these options.
  • The users have to re enter the password for verification for the backup data. After re entering the password, click on Create Archive button to create the backup of all data.
  • You can click on “Choose Services” tab. then this page can be seen.
  • You can choose the services called “And all services”.
  • After clicking on “Add all services”, then the option goes to download option, to download all the data of the user from Google+.

This helps the user to have their data from social network to be secure and safe. If you find this article helpful, then why don’t you make me a favor by sharing it with your friends on Social Networks?

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