Backup iPhone 4 Activation and Unlocking it Using SAM Module

In my previous article I told how to Remote Unlock your iPhone. But Apple is well aware of this back-door entry and this lope hole will be fixed by them as soon as possible. So, now in this article I will tell you how to back-up your iPhone activation by using utility called SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module) and Unlock it. Follow the instruction below:

A. How to install SAM:

Step1: You need a Jailbreak iPhone.

Step2: Now open Cydia and add this repo:

Step3. Once you have the repo, then install “SAM” and “SAMPrefs”. Whether you install “SAM” or “SAMPrefs” first, next package will be automatically installed. But make sure both will be installed.

B. How to use SAM:

Step1: When you finish installing SAM, the message will appear in cydia to respring your iPhone; the new SAMPrefs icon will appear on your springboard. Now, Tap it to load SAM.

Step2: Now Go to Utilities and tap on ‘De-Activate iPhone’.

Step3: Open iTunes and Plug-in your iPhone, and wait for it to prompt you that your iPhone had been unlocked.

Step4: Now go back to SAM > Utilities > Tap on ‘Backup Activation’ and wait for the app to prompt, that it was successfully backed up.

Step5: That’s it. Now no matter what Apple will do, your iPhone will be permanently unlocked forever.

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  1. Hi, I am really sorry for late reply please accept my apologize.

    1- yes, it’s work in every firmware.

    2- I think you are trying to unlock your iphone with this tweak or backup your ultrasn0w unlocking, but this tweak allow you to backup your remote unlocking activation which same as itunes activation and please don’t be confuse with Ultrasn0w because both are totally different things.

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