Banshee Media Player: A funky media player for Linux

Choosing the best Music Player can be a bit difficult task as the choices are extremely personal. Banshee, one such player made for Linux will let you do all your music tasks with ease.


  1. Store and play all your music files let it be audio, podcasts or audio books in one library.
  2. Import libraries from Rhythmbox, Amarok and iTunes.
  3. Create and manage playlists and smart playlists that updates based on custom filters.
  4. Wikipedia content pane provides the information about currently playing artist.
  5. Listen and rip Audio CDs

Banshee is one of those players that have the power of customization and ease of use coupled. It has sheer number of features that will let you use it more often such as queuing songs in “Now Playing” window, creating smart playlists or integrating with external services etc. You can also customize the interface to look it the way you want.

It also supports many devices such as Apple iPod Touch and iPhone etc. And it also keeps in mind it’s easy to use interface so that beginners won’t feel bumpy. On the whole, a nice player that can ease out you your music tasks.

As it is a new program, many users may not want to use as they would like to go with something tried or something they have experienced.  And also few audiences have mentioned that it isn’t quite that stable such as it can’t handle large libraries with ease etc.

There are also many players out there such as Rhythmbox, Amarok and Exaile that are true and may fulfill your needs. But Banshee will also not let you feel down. As mentioned earlier, it is an extremely personal category, so don’t be biased by our views.

Tell us your favorites in the comments section below.