Benefits of using the Online Social Media to promote business and ventures

Thinking about using the Online Media to further and promote your business? Have you already started one ot still in the analysis stage? Maybe you are wondering how some companies on the Internet have grown so big, so fast!

Here is your answer! You can use the social media and networking sites to promote your activities. Critics have done their job and now it time for you to read and learn.
Here are the top reasons why Online Media has an advantage over conventional media –

Accessible Anytime Anywhere

Available 24 by 7, 365 days a year

The moment you go online, you are accessible 24 X 7. You sleep, but your online soul works for you and makes money.

No or Very Less Start Up Cost.

Low Cost or No Cost

There is no initial investment needed for staring your own online magazine or newspaper. All you need to do is Research and all you need to have is a Vision. Rest you will learn as you go ahead.

Beneficial for Small Businessmen

The internet media is a great platform for advertising, especially for the small businessman. Many of the popular online sites (Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc.) are available for free and you need to incur no marketing costs to reach a wide audience. Moreover, you get the chatting option with your clients and that too instantly. Thus it saves much of your fuel and telephone bills.

Everything is Well Measurable

Google Analytics graph
Just keep a track of whatever you are doing. This will help you move in the correct direction.

Today you can measure all the marketing leads to take, all the traffic that you drive to your site, all the potential customers who recommend you, all the analytics of your affiliate programs, and even how people use your online presence. Checkout Google Analytics and track every clicks on your site.



International Community
As online media has a huge fan following all over the world, it’s excellent for your business growth. You get a wide horizon to pick your potential clients. But in case of print media, the effect is very local as not all the newspapers or magazine go overseas. In fact, many of the newspaper and magazine people have started their online versions today to achieve a broader customer base.

No Distribution Costs

Finally, no cost are incurred to send out your PDF file. One can either sell his magazines individually via the pages of individual issue payments or make your members subscribe via PayPal. One can even automatically delete his customers via Aweber mailing if they stop the payments.

While the larger business have been exploiting this media, its now time that the smaller players too take advantage of this!