5 Best Games for XBox Kinect

Microsoft XBox Kinect, is one of the biggest innovations in some of the previous years we have ever seen. Kinect has also created a world record of fastest and most selling electronic device ever in the history. Microsoft Kinect is the gaming console which don’t need anything new to learn on it. It’s simply detect your gestures and body movements to play on. “The Only Experience you need is the Life Experience” this is only thing required to play with Microsoft X-Box Kinect.

The best games for the Kinect are very much interesting, fun and easy to play. The best Kinect games are:

Kinect Sports:


Now play soccer, skate boarding, run a race as you do in your real life with the Kinect. Kinect Sports is one of the most demanding game from it’s release because it gives the pure sports experience while playing. Even tough it has become famous a lot between those peoples who wants to remain fit because it helps them to burn their calories and make you learn the game very easily.

Here use your whole body as you are playing in real life. Even you can play Kinect Sports with partners as well. Kinect Sports is best way to game on with the Microsoft X-Box Kinect.

Kinect Adventures:


Get ready to jump like “Mowgli” of “The Jungle Book” the Kinect Adventures is a ride game of a Jungle’s river where you need to jump whenever an object come, for that you will get points for it. It has more fun when on one boat you are playing it with a partner.  Then you will have work like a team and the timing has to be perfect for it. Whereas this is the game which is very much fun and specially for kids this is the most interesting game to play.

Dance Central:


Move your body as you are in a disco and make the floor alive. Dance like the King of Pop “Michale Jackson” and get the flexibility like “Shakira”. Dance Central is the game which make you learn the dance and tell you if you are doing a dance step wrong. This game also has the feature of giving Dance Competition online or to the partner with you. So, just “Step Up” with it and dance on your favorite music.

Child Of Eden:


Child of Eden is the game which make you remember “Minority Report” by the hand movements in it. Here in this game you need to defend your self from the enemies. This is a level based games and the graphics of this game is the biggest reason to like it. Child of Eden is the game which actually need a lot of potential while playing.

Star Wars Kinect:

The swords are now in the Kinect with the Star Wars Kinect to fight same as in the Star Wars we watched. Star Wars fan can now live up with it’s potential. You will be able to fight epic battles against other Jedis and use all your Force-powered abilities to win. The graphics of the Star Wars Kinect are awesome and this is the most “hardcore” game for the Kinect in recent time.

Have any favorites?


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