Best location to place Ads on News Websites to earn maximum revenue

If your website has good visitors, pageviews, is socially optimized, SEO friendly and you update it regularly; and inspite of all these efforts, you find that it is not earning as good as you expected, you moght want to read this article!

It is quite possible that the it may be because of wrong placement of the Ad unit on the pages. We are starting a whole new series to help bloggers and website owners in right placement of advertisements on their website to get best results. In this first article of series we are giving suggestions for News Portal Websites.

If you are running a news portal then you must consider the following suggestions to increase the ad revenue by getting more click through and impressions.

1. Homepage: You can put up to 3 standard AdSense for content ads on your homepage. We recommend using either a 728×90 leaderboard or a 300×250 medium rectangle ad format according to your page layout.

2. Content Page:

  • Place a 300×250 medium rectangle embedded into the content for placement targeting and better integration.
  • Put a 728×90 leaderboard or a 468×60 banner below the article to attract the users attention when they finish reading.
  • Place a 160×600 wide skyscraper below the side navigation bar.
  • Add two 468×15 link units below the title, and between the article and the leaderboard (728×90) or banner (468×60).
  • Adding an Adsense for Search search box next to the top navigation bar would be an additional way to monetize your site.

We are soon going to give tips for better ads placement on other types of sites also. Stay Tuned and subscribe to our email newsletter!

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  1. thanks for the tip …does the revenue depends upon text ad or image ads?

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