Best video slots payout rates

For those of you who are hardened online slot gaming veterans, you will know the importance of understanding video slot payout rates and which ones are the best. Without this knowledge, you may well be going into an online slot game with terrible odds that will leave you emptying your wallets to those pesky slot sites.

To help out the little guy just starting out their online slot gaming career, there are a few indicators that you can use to tell you what the best payout slots are, and we will guide you through them so that you are playing the video slots that deliver you the highest return – play at Thor Slots.

So, if you want to earn big and play among the high rollers, we thoroughly suggest that you take a sneak peek at our review on the best video slots with the highest payout rates.

How do you determine which video slots have the highest payout rates?

All decent online slot games will have their statistics and capabilities listed either below the game or in the description on the website somewhere. It is here that you will be able to find out if the game that you are playing is worth your time and money!

Here is how to find out if the video slot you want to play has the best payout rate:

  • Look for RTP – If you haven’t seen them before, take a glance at the description of the game to find the return to player statistics. This basically informs you of how much return you will be getting from your bet, on average. So, an RTP of 90% means that if you bet £100, you will have lost £10, again on average.
  • Bonuses – All you in the know will know that this is truly where the magic lies. Bonuses offer players a chance to increase their payout by multiplying and giving away free spins. Do not be a fool and miss out on these incredible extras!
  • Volatility Rates – Not another of those misleading jargon phrases! Volatility rate refers to the risk and rewards aspect that a game has, so, a high volatility game means that payouts come less often but when they do they sure are sweet. A lower volatility means that you are more likely to secure a win at a constant rate but maybe not enough to run home with the bacon!

What are the dos and don’ts of finding the best video slots with high payout rates?

The mind-boggling internet will try to convince you to go one way when your gut is telling you to go the other, so we are here to help you hone in on what is hot and what is not hot when looking for those high video payout rates:

What to look for What to avoid
High RTPs, if it’s less than 97% then it’s not for you! Progressive Jackpots, they have attractive jackpots but tiny odds
Big bonuses and free rewards Unregistered slot games and sites
Good ratings from other players Bad reviews from customers