Beware of, it’s a scam site!

Ask any average Joe what is hacking and he’d probably reply, getting passwords to Facebook and other accounts by doing crazy stuff. Believe me, sometimes I call myself a hacker, my friends ask me if I can hack Facebook accounts and I politely say no. Now they feel what’s the point?

And to lure those who think that way, regular Facebook hacking sites keep popping up every now and then, most of them attempting to fool people and make them fall into traps.
And a very big scam is the site . So I’m here to tell you few reasons why it is a scam?

Why is it there?

Just think for a moment, why would anyone code the hell out of his mind, bypassing many security checks, risking his career for one big illegal task of hacking Facebook accounts for you? And that too for free? To be frank, it is not at all practical.

How Fast?

A Facebook password can be 15 characters long. And there are 256 characters in all that can be used in a password. And applying law of exponents and combinations, there can be 1.329228 × 1036 combinations possible. And the site thinks it can crack it in 30 seconds odd? Even if a supercomputer tries 100000 combinations per second it’d take 1.01158904 × 1025 years. Get the point?

Check Yourself (Geeky)

Go to the site using Chrome or Firefox and then open the developer view. Now you can go through the entire script and check out that there is no place where Facebook is mentioned. In fact the script is designed to move up to random numbers and then show the green success text.

Now that we’re all convinced that the site is a scam, Tell this to your friends and others whom you know. And please understand that a Facebook account is a person’s online avatar. It is dear to him and we should respect everyone’s privacy.

And before scouring the net for hacks for Facebook passwords, please understand that Mark Zuckerburg and his team of elites at Palo Alto aren’t newbies who’d let their passwords exposed to some hacker! For now, just forget the idea of hacking Facebook accounts!


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  1. Anyone, please don’t get greedy about the passwords, the site is completely scam, if you even try to do their survey, a malicious site opens. So beware of such sites!

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