Beware of websites that offer free recharge

I am sure that every Facebook user must have noticed shares and likes on the websites that give you free recharge. And I would like to inform you that such websites are completely fraud. Why am i saying so? While you try to get a free recharge from such websites, you end up downloading viruses. Just think who will give you a recharge worth Rs.500 only for liking and sharing his website.

Possible outcomes if the warnings are ignored?

If you fill out the form of such websites you will be directed to a ‘Survey Link’. When you click on the survey link you would be redirected to a page that is Malicious and capable of spreading Virus to your PC. If you have a good antivirus installed, then you need not worry about the issue as the antivirus will block the website. But if you aren’t having an antivirus installed on your machine then you will have to face some serious problems.

Some Alternatives

do not fall prey to such websites. just remember ‘THERE IS ALWAYS FREE CHEESE IN A MOUSE TRAP’. Look for better options, try MobiKwick. They have very good list of Mobile Prepaid Packs. And if you really want a free recharge, just review MobiKwick on your blog/website and send a request. They should reward you with some free credit in return or recharge for your mobile/DTH.


Here are some websites that you should avoid visiting:

  • Or any other website that says that gives you free recharge.

Reminding you again, don’t run after these websites they are fraud and malicious. Stay away from them.


  1. hello!! This is a great information. Now a days there are many sites who tells us to do and follow these steps exactly as mentioned in the posts. Guys you got to realize it that no one will give you credit in this way. Try to avoid this as much as you can as these are spas and nothing else.

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