Bing to power English search in Baidu China

Microsoft announced through China’s official MSN  blog , an  agreement between Microsoft and the first search engine in China Baidu.

The understanding allows for Baidu to present Bing search results in English ,This agreement is, in my view a strong  supportive for  the search engine Bing. There are about 450 million Internet user in China and all of who search using English language option at Baido. The English search results will be presented to him by Bing.

China is one of the strongest markets in the Internet, but imposing its own rules has caused many problems with some companies, including Google which withdrew from the Chinese market.

Baidu is the No.1 search provider in China with more than 75% marketshare. Moreover its marketshare is on the raise since Google’s exit from China’s market. This deal will also provide a significant position for Microsoft’s Bing in China where it has negligible marketshare. This deal will give Microsoft a toe-hold in the Chinese search market.