BitDefender launches CLUEFUL app for iPhone to inspect Malicious Games and Apps

iPhone, iPad and iPod users have a lot of Games and Applications on their devices. These Games and Applications entertain us and help us carry out our important activities smoothly. But did you ever think about all the stuff that a Game or App does in the back end?

How do you know for sure that a particular game or application is totally safe and works efficiently and economically at the same time? What if a particular games or app has access to your personal details and does not share them or pass them over the internet in a proper and secure way? What if there are applications that use up a lot of battery even when they are not supposed to?

All these issues and worries can now be taken care of with the help of a new application named ‘CLUEFUL’ that was recently launched by BitDefender. Clueful is an application that allows you to inspect applications on your device in order to know how they work in the backend, what information do they share, how safely do they handle data and most important of them all, ‘How do the applications take care of user privacy’.

According to BitDefender, Clueful is the only way to really understand your apps, how they use your data and treat your privacy. It looks at and tests all the applications that are currently running in the memory and retrieves audit information from the Clueful Cloud.

There are many apps out there that carelessly handle your data. This might result in privacy issues. There are many apps that access your data, information and location. Hence it is very important for you to know that these apps are doing their tasks in the right way and protect your data and information.

There are applications that:

  • Track your location.
  • Can read and make use of your address book.
  • Handle your credentials in a sloppy and unencrypted manner.
  • Request access to your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts.
  • Needlessly keep GPS or Audio services on even when not required.

Features of Clueful:

  • Clueful Cloud already contains reports and information for a lot of applications that are available in the App Store.
  • If there is an application that you want to scan and check, you simply have to open the app and then jump back to Clueful through the multi-tasking option.
  • Clueful provides you with a neat card view so that you can analyze and check the scanned application in a much better way.
  • You can also look up an app before installing it. Clueful has a database of tens of thousands of apps. You can get information about these apps through Clueful even before you install the app.
  • Currently clueful only works with Free Apps.

CLUEFUL listing all the running apps and showing the scan results

CLUEFUL showing the scan results for an application in details

CLUEFUL displaying options that categorize applications

Clueful by BitDefender is a newly launched application. It is available in the App Store for $3.99 only. As of now it can only be used for Free Apps but you can expect a new version of the app very soon. This new version will allow you to check and scan almost every paid application as well. And at the same time you can expect even more features and details in the scan results.