BlackBerry 10 Alpha Device Images Leaked

The BlackBerry World is all set to kick off at Orlando on 1st of May. A lot is expected to happen in these 3 days. The Spotlight will be shining on BlackBerry 10. But before the BlackBerry World starts, the leaks of the BlackBerry 10 Alpha device has arrived. Leaked images of the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Device were seen on CrackBerry a few hours ago.

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According to the reports we have received BlackBerry 10 Developer Alpha device will be displayed at BlackBerry Jam which will take place in Orlando in the coming days. The alpha device won’t be going out for sale in the markets for the common people. It will be available for the developers. Nothing much about the BlackBerry 10 devices has been unveiled but we are expecting something good out of the BlackBerry 10 devices.

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BlackBerry devices always lack something when it comes to Hardware. BlackBerry 10 devices should come up with great hardware which should at least pose a challenge to its competitors. Improvements in BBM are expected. Video chatting and video sharing are likely to be introduced in BBM. Leaving a voice note status will be very cool feature to have.

The cameras in the BlackBerry Devices have always disappointed when you compared to that in an Android Phone. The Hardware makers should take a look at this problem.

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After taking a look at the leaked images it seems like BlackBerry 10 devices won’t sport a hardware keyboard. If they do so, they will definitely face setback in the market.

The BlackBerry 10 Devices should continue the trend of keyboard.

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Leaked Images of BlackBerry 10 Alpha Device


Source: CrackBerry