BlackBerry 10.2 will bring redesigned menus, Wi-Fi Direct and notification actions

A couple of weeks after BlackBerry 10.2 was confirmed by its Project Manager Michael Clewley to bring features including standard Unicode Emojis, multiple alarms, reminders and Level 1 notifications, a few screenshots have been leaked from a pre-release version of the BlackBerry 10.2. The screenshots suggest that the new version will bring actionable notifications, toast notifications and Wi-Fi Direct functionality and will redesign the Settings menu and App Manager.

BlackBerry 10.2 screenshots

The update fixes the whole notification experience. BlackBerry 10 only allows viewing notifications within the respective apps in the hub. The new version will allow toast notification that appears as a pop-up at the top of the screen and allows doing the requisite action without going to the app. For instance, you can respond to a text message directly from the notification. These notifications can be turned off or on and also can be enabled or disabled to appear on the lock screen.

Wi-Fi Direct supports BlackBerry 10 or above OS and allows the compatible devices to link up using the same. The BlackBerry 10.2 OS builds also has an inbuilt Evernote app. It also allows users to set multiple alarms, listening and rectifying the users’ complaints received for a single alarm in BlackBerry 10 OS. A revamped settings menu and a new app manager are also revealed among the enhancements.

You can watch the complete video for the BlackBerry 10.2 pre-release version:

Last month, BlackBerry released the BlackBerry 10.2 beta build for developers which brought a new BlackBerry 10 native SDK and Adobe Air run times having Adobe Air 3.5 with Stage3D for accelerated graphics. The build brought a major update in the form of a BlackBerry Runtime for Android with a plug-in for Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean which supported the newest versions of Android apps.

Michael Clewley promised that the BlackBerry 10.2 stable release will start seeding to its users before the end of this year. You can read the complete post originally leaked by Crackberry. Stay tuned to our blog and follow us on Google+, Twitter and Facebook for more news updates related to gadgets, tablets and phones.

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  1. I hope they tweak the Hub; I’d like to see a consistent means of jumping directly to the Hub at all times (and not just to the last thing I was doing in the Hub, forcing me to back out with various gestures/search cancel before I can see the Hub inbox).

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